Stress Can Cause Many Problems:

Stress is one of those that you feel when your peaceful country road turns into a raging super highway! It happens to us all from time to time. You may feel cross, irritable or angry and snap at people, when you don’t mean to.

Many people can experience periods of depression for no apparent reason and may even question their own sanity. Life just feels out of control and frustration sets in. When you push yourself too hard or are pushed beyond your tolerance level, then you are probably suffering stress.

Stress is when your body rebels and its internal harmony gets right out of tune with reality. Organs may begin to malfunction and even your memory may fail. You tend to make poor judgements and become short-tempered, very quickly and easily. You will generally feel “awful”, even “liverish” or “out of sorts.” There are many types and causes of stress, as well as many possible reasons.

Tony will get to the root of the problem, by working through the various issues and possible causes for your stress. He almost certainly use gentle Japanese style acupuncture, which works by stimulating the body to basically “heal itself.” Acupuncture treatment can balance the harmony in your body, putting everything back into tune and restoring the natural balance of your mental, physical and emotional functions.

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