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If you are serious about good health, then a treatment plan may be the perfect solution.

Most people consult a healthcare practitioner because they are in physical or emotional pain or they are suffering some other health disorder. Mostly they are looking for a quick fix so that they can go back to doing what they have always done. In many cases acupuncture can be very beneficial in helping them to do just that. To prevent recurrence of the problem, however, or to prevent other problems from arising, the real question that probably needs to be asked is “why did that pain or emotional imbalance occur in the first place”.

In our modern western society people have been conditioned to think in breakdown mode. Those people with a bit of insight, however, are now starting to think outside the box and realise that good health is all about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

How can regular acupuncture treatments help?

Physical and emotional pain are generally the result of an energetic imbalance within the body. This is often insidious in its nature – what starts out as a minor imbalance can result is pain, stress, tension and general ill-health.

Just imagine a system of medicine that can identify where the body is starting to digress from the path of good health and actually steer it back in the right direction. The good news is that acupuncture can help to do just that!

Once upon a time in ancient China…..people used to consult their “dai fu” (doctor) on a regular basis with the expectation of maintaining good health. If they became ill, they would not continue to pay the dai fu because he had not done his job properly.

Due to our modern stressful lifestyle, inappropriate eating habits and exposure to modern toxins, it would take a very brave practitioner to guarantee good health. Regular acupuncture can however help to greatly reduce the occurrence and longevity of health problems associated with our modern lifestyle. It is also great for sportspeople who are trying to obtain optimum physical health and fitness. Most people also find regular acupuncture to be a very relaxing, enjoyable and rejuvenating experience.

Commit to a regular monthly acupuncture treatment and reap even greater rewards than good health

Most of the clients at Armidale Acupuncture who have committed themselves to regular treatment are conscious of the difference it has made to their general health and look forward to their hour of “me-time” relaxing on the table.

If you want to enjoy better health and are willing to commit to one treatment per month for twelve months, we would like to offer you the following assistance programme:

$20 off your 4th treatment, $30 off your 8th treatment and $50 off your 12th treatment. That’s a saving of $100, so why not call us now and get started?

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