Tony’s Profile:

Tony changed the name of his clinic to Armidale Acupuncture in August, 2013. Previously he practiced under the name of Synergy Acupuncture. Although working from his home in Armidale, this was the name of his busy multi-practitioner clinic in Tweed Heads, which he operated from 1996 to 2007. Tony is a nationally registered acupuncturist, he holds a degree in acupuncture from V.U.T. and is an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Tony also has qualifications and experience in various forms of massage, sports medicine and clinical hypnotherapy. He has taught acupuncture and oriental massage for a number of years.

Photo Of Tony BennettTony practices a gentle, yet immensely powerful form of acupuncture based on that used in Japan over many centuries. The use of superfine disposable needles, coupled with a variety of moxibustion techniques has proven to provide huge success in treating many painful and chronic conditions. At the same time, most patients find the treatment to be a very enjoyable and relaxing experience.

One thing that Tony has always emphasised to his clients is the need to attend to all aspects of one’s life in order to attain and maintain perfect health. This includes all things physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The secret to success is “all things in balance”.

Several years ago, in keeping with his advice to others, Tony took up painting as a form of relaxation. He paints in various media, including oil, ink and watercolours. Tony has exhibited regularly in local exhibitions on the Tweed and now in Armidale.

Tony on BikeHe has a number of his paintings on display in his clinic which are for sale and is happy to discuss commissions with those who are interested.

Tony is also a very keen motorbike rider and regularly rides around the New England region with a group of fellow BMW GS riders. He is also an accredited riding instructor and teaches R.T.A. Learner and Provisional courses. His bike rides provide much inspiration for his paintings.

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