Pain Relief

Pain Is A Real Problem And Relief Is Vital:

Acupuncture can provide a huge relief to sufferers of all types of pain, particularly in the lower back, neck and joints. These painful conditions can be the result of any one of a number of problems. Some of these are:

Physical Trauma:
This can cause damage to the structual or connective tissue in the neck, back, arms and legs. These physical traumas can be a result of accidents, sports injuries or simply twisting or turning suddenly in one direction.

Structual Changes:
This could be inolved with the process of aging, where discs in the back can degenerate and arthritic conditions then prevail. It could also lead to pinching of the spinal nerves, which is a very painful condition.

Emotional Conditions:
Muscle spasm from anxiety or stress or simply being ‘up tight’ can result in high degree of related pain. Unfortunately, these are products of our modern society.

Using acupuncture and other related techniques, Tony can greatly assist in relieving all of these painful conditions. It is mportant that you provide Tony with a clear understanding of the problem, so that he identify the appropriate treatment. He will then formulate a treatment plan, using gentle Japanese style acupuncture to relieve the pain that you are experiencing.

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