Treatment Using Moxibustion:

Tony Treating With MoxibustionAcupuncture is just part of the treatment strategy but is used very effectively to manipulate the movement of Qi through the body. A major role of Qi is to move the blood, whilst blood nourishes the Qi. Moxibustion is very effective for building the blood, therefore when combined with acupuncture, an amazingly powerful treatment ensues.

Moxibustion TreatmentMoxibustion emerged from the natural urge of people living in cold climates to warm themselves or their painful areas. The herb “mugwort” is burned using various methods, over specific areas of the body to enhance the acupuncture treatment. “Moxa” provides a warming and soothing sensation for the patient and is excellent for people suffering from pain or fatigue who have had little success with other treatment methods.

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