Japanese Acupuncture

Gentle Japanese Style Acupuncture:

There are several different schools of thought in the practice of acupuncture, although the basic underlying principles are the same. Tony chooses to practice a Japanese style, which is often referred to as “meridian therapy”. It is very gentle and subtle, yet highly effective, Fine Japanese Acupuncturewith much emphasis being placed on the comfort of the client. Japanese acupuncture is therefore a highly suitable method of treating children and adults alike. Diagnosis is based on examination of twelve different wrist pulses, together with palpation of the abdomen and meridians. History and observation of the client are also very important.

Oriental medicine covers a range of treatment modalities, one of which is the gentle Japanese style acupuncture. This can all be used as a stand-alone treatment or together with the other modalities. Tony may incorporate many of the techniques into his treatments.

The photo on the right, demonstrates the extreme thinness of the needle as Tony inserts it on a meridian. This gently Japanese style of acupuncture is most suitable for all persons, particularly children and senior adults.


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