Back Pain

Back Pain Affects Many People:

Lower back pain conservatively affects around 70% of the adult population in Australia. So, if you are experiencing back ache of any kind, you are certainly not alone. Back ache in its various forms is one of the major causes of pain and suffering. Each year many working hours are lost due to this condition.

However, acupuncture provides a highly effective therapy in the treatment and relief of this widespread problem. This type of pain could be caused by a variety of conditions and situations, or even a combination of several conditions.

Physical trauma, as a result of accidents, lifting, incorrect bending and overwork etc. can do considerable damage to ligaments and tendons, as well as cause muscle strain. In addition, pain could be caused by vertebral joint problems, due to heavy work, lifting and injuries.

Lower back pain can be caused by disc compression, through lifting, twisting or bending, either suddenly, or in an unusual direction. This will usually affect the nerve pathways right down the legs. Females are particularly vulnerable to inflammatory disease, causing referred pain from the pelvic area to the lower back.

Tony will make an assessment of your condition and the pain that you are feeling, much of which will be based on your lifestyle. He will need to know about your sporting activities, daily routine and degenerative conditions. Tony will then provide a treatment program, in addition to an ongoing maintenance program to help relieve the pain and stabilise your condition.

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