Acupuncture is an important component in traditional oriental medicine and is probably one of the world’s oldest methods of healing the body. The World Health Organisation recognises a number of disorders successfully treated by acupuncture and it is used to treat a vast array of problems affecting the various bodily systems.

Consultation With TonyWhen everything is in a state of balance, we are in perfect health. The problem is, nothing in life is static, everything is in constant flux. As a result, when we move out of balance, the doorway is open to disease and ill-health. When we do all of the right things with diet, lifestyle, mental activities etc we move towards perfect health. When we do the wrong things, the opposite occurs.

Theoretically, finding balance is a very simple process. For example, when we are cold we put on warm clothes; when it is dark we turn on the light; when we are hungry we eat; when we start to dehydrate we drink etc. To be healthy, every aspect of our health needs to be in balance—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Acupuncture can greatly assist in bringing our health back into balance. Some examples of disorders that Tony has very successfully treated include: headaches, migraine, nervous tension, neuralgia, asthma, sinusitis, digestive disorders, menstrual problems, musculo-skeletal disorders, sciatica, sporting injuries and general lack of energy or vitality.

The photo on the left depicts Tony in consultation with a client.

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